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(Enjoy!  And please excuse any typos.)

Jane Garret was a sixteen year old high school student.  She had a gothic attire, with a zipped up gothic long black coat, under the coat was a thin black tank top.  She also had a black short skirt adorned with the image of a realistic looking skull on it.  She had torn up black nylon leggings.  She also had big black thigh high boots. She had pale skin, blue eyes, and dyed black hair.  She was short, standing at 5,3.  She was thin and her body was slightly toned.  

In the middle of class she had her feet up on her desk, while listening to Miss, Harrison teach.  Miss, Harrison was a tall (5,9) twenty nine year old woman with short blonde hair, she always wore the same long sleeved shirt which was similar to a Japanese school girl shirt, and she always wore a skirt that came up just above her knees.  She also wore black high heels.  Jane had completely forgotten what class she was even in, while paying no attention to Miss, Harrison's teachings.  She caught the boy one desk space in front of her starring back at her looking up her short skirt.

"Like what you see shitball?" said Jane.  

The boy timidity and quickly turned away.  Soon the class was over, Jane got up and headed towards the door.

"Hey, where do you think you're going miss, Garret?" asked the teacher.

"I was planning on going to the fucking moon, that's where." said Jane sarcastically

"Young lady, you are going to be staying here in  detention." said Miss, Harrison.

"Bitch." said Jane under her breath as she sat back down in her seat.

Before long a couple minutes had passed away, and Jane was incredibly bored.  Miss, Harrison had her feet up on her desk, her heels had been removed exposing her tan nylon covered feet.  A couple more minutes passed by and Miss, Harrison fell asleep.  She had a habit of doing this in detention.  Once Jane noticed her sleeping teacher, she grabbed her backpack and began digging around in it, and she pulled out a rope.

She took the rope and crept up to her sleeping teacher, and slowly but tightly tied the rope around Miss, Harrison's ankles.   Jane smiled, it was time for revenge for all the times Miss, Harrison had pissed her off.  Jane awoke her teacher by wiggling her finger in-between Miss, Harrison's toes.  

Miss, Harrison awoke in laughter "Hahhahah!  Wh-hahah-what are you d-d-dhohohhahhahaha-doing?!" asked the laughing teacher.

"Punishing a ticklish teacher." Jane said with a smirk.

Jane then raked her fingers over Miss, Harrison's nylon feet, over and over.  

"Hahahahhahahah st-ahah-stop this!! Hahahahah!" commanded Miss, Harrison while the laughter made her serious voice more giggly and impossible to take seriously.

"Beg" said Jane.

Jane started tickling in-between her teacher's captive nylon toes.  This made Miss, Harrison go crazy with laughter.

"HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH S-SAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA-ST-STEHEHEHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA-STOP!" Commanded the hysterical and helpless teacher, as her student mercilessly tickled her.

Jane ripped her teacher's nylon's exposing her bare feet.  Jane then tickled her teachers bare soles.


Miss, Harrison now had tears of laughter running down her eyes, as Jane tortured her sensitive feet.  Jane then start to lick in-between Miss, Harrison's toes.


"Mmmh, no way, I love the taste of your feet.  Haha, this is what you get bitch."  said Jane.


Jane ignored her but stopped licking, Jane picked up a sharpie and began to write on her teacher's bare soles.  Miss, Harrison giggled wildly.  Jane wrote on one toe each a letter, on her teacher's left pinkie toe a T, then on the next a I, then a C, then K, then L, after that I, then S, and finally H.  Spelling out on her teacher's toes 'Ticklish',  Jane also wrote this word all over her giggling and begging teacher's soles.

"Now I better get good grades from now on, or else this'll happen again." said Jane.

"Yes, yes anything, anything!" promised Miss, Harrison.
I hope you enjoyed this story!
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TicklerBill15 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
mmmm  loved this a LOT!  Thanks for posting it.  Going to check out your other stories in hope they are just as hot
hboy1995 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Brief and sweet
Thank you BlondeChick0
hyphen98 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Probably shouldn't have fallen asleep during detention xD
EquestriaGuardian Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist
You write laughing dialog well. :)
BlondeChick0 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you.
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