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(This is a re-write of the original story.  And it will have better writing and much more ticklish content.  Enjoy!)

Selena Gomez was laying in the sofa on her hotel room, she was in a hotel waiting for the studio to call her over to star filming the movie she was staring in. The hotel room was a large suite, with a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room. She was sitting in a love seat with her feet up, she was barefoot and had black toenail polish on, she was wearing  black cloth short shorts, and a loose white tank top that was too short and showed her belly button.  She had called for room service about four minutes ago, and she was getting sick of waiting. Finally she heard a knock a the door across the room, "Room service!" said a female voice. "The doors, unlocked bring it in!" said Selena.  The young blonde hotel worker came in and place Selena's food on the table.  The worker looked about 19 and she had a blonde ponytail, she was also wearing a hotel uniform, and had T strap sandals on, she had on pink toenail polish.  After she had set out the food, the girl looked at Selena " Can I please stay here and talk to you?  I'm a huge fan and I need a break my boss is working me to death.  Please?" asked the girl.  Selena sighed, " Its alright is suppose. But on one condition" said Selena.  "Yes.  What is it?" asked the girl.  "I would like a foot massage." said Selena.  "Of course" said the girl.  The girl walked over and kneeled down by Selena's feet, and she started massaging them.  Selena's feet were size seven and her feet were well kept they were very soft.  Selena gave a slight giggle. "Ehe be careful i'm ticklish!" said Selena.  "Oh sorry, i'm Haley by the way." said the girl.  "Well nice to meet you Haley." said Selena

After about an hour of talking and massaging, Selena fell asleep. Haley had a massive tickle fetish and had fantasized about tickling Selena Gomez.  Haley took this chance and slowly dragged Selena's chair to the bed room and put it next to the bed.  Haley then slowly picked up Selena and set her down on the bed without waking her.  Haley then got rope out of her cart that she kept there just in case there were any guests that she wanted to tickle.  She tied Selena in a eagle spread on the bed.  Selena's wrists were bound as were her ankles.  Haley took care to make sure that Selena was firmly tied down.  Lucky for her she had slipped sleeping pills into Selena's drink.  Haley then waited for Selena to wake up.

After about fifteen minutes Selena woke up. "What?" she said drowsily "Where am I?".  "Why, your tied to the bed silly." said Haley in a innocent voice.  "What?? Why??" Selena asked "Let me out!" Selena demanded.  "How rude, you didn't say please!" said Haley "I'll have to teach you a lesion" Haley said with a smile.  Haley kneaded the exposed part of Selena's belly.  Selena burst into laughter "Aahhaahhaha s-stahahahahooopp it!".  "Oh, no. Your lesion is not near over yet silly!" said Haley.  Haley blew a raspberry on Selena's belly "PPPPFFFFFFHHHHHTTTTTT!" Selena screamed with laughter "AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH HAHAHAHHAHA NOHOOHOHOOOO C-CUEHEH-CUT IEHEHHEHEHE-IT OUT!!!! SHAHAHAHAHAHAGEHEHEEHHEHHAHAH".  "Ooo is your tummy ticklish? PPPPFFFFFFHHHHTTTTTT" Haley said then blew another.  "HHAHAHAHAHHAHAH SSTTAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA- STOAHAHHAOOHOHOOOPP IHEHEHAHHAHAHTTT!!!" screamed Selena with hysterical laughter.  Haley lightly starched her fingers on Selena's thighs using one hand for one thigh and the other hand for the other one.  "Eeheheahahahahhahahaha s-stahahahheheheheh stop it Hhehehheahahhahaheeleheheheyyy quheheit!" Selena's adorable giggles filled the room as Haley scratched at her soft sensitive thighs.  Haley moved back up and started squeezing her hips, this made Selena go crazy thrashing around and kicking and screaming with hysterical laughter.  "OOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHHAHAHAH MYMYMYMHAHAHAHAHAHHAMMYYYYY GOOOOAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHOD NOOOO NOAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHOOTTT THEHEHEHEHEHAHAHHAHAHAHERE!!!!!! PLEHEHEHAHAHHAHAHAHESE!!! THAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAT'S MHEHHEHEHAHAHAHAAYYY TIEHEHAHAHHAHIICKLE SPOOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHOOTTT!!!!!" begged the hysterical star as she laughed and screamed loudly and gasped for air in between outbursts of insane laughter.

After about three minutes of this Haley stopped and slid her hands down to Selena's sexy feet.  Haley started playing with Selena's toes, Selena burst into a fit of giggles as Haley played with and sucked on her cute little ticklish toes.  "Iiehehehehhe yyeeeehehehehheheheheheh st-ehehehehe-stop iehehheehehe-it!" giggled the helpless Selena.  Haley played with Selena's feet and toes, as Selena laughed a screamed and thrashed.  Over the course of many minutes Haley tickled all over Selena's ticklish sexy body.  Haley tickled in between Selena's adorable sensitive toes.  "AHAHAHAHAAHHAH NOOHOHOHOHO NOOAHHAHAHAOOTT THEHEHEHAhAHHAHERE!!!" laughed the poor helpless Selena.  This went on for a while, and then Haley moved up to her underarms and slowly ran her fingernails down Selena's underarms.  Selena closed her eyes and bit her lower lip in a attempt not to laugh.  But soon Haley sped up and started dancing her fingers all over Selena's hyper sensitive underarms.  Selena laughed and screamed "EEEGGAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA PLEHEHEHEHEHEESEE STOHOHOHHAHAHAOP!!!  I CAAHAHAHHAAHAAN'T TAHAHAHHAAKE IT!!!  I'M BEEGEGAAAAGAGAEGING YOHOHOOU!!!".  "Yes, yes laugh my little ticklish star." said Haley.  Selena was hysterically laughing and begging Haley to stop, she had tears of laughter running down her eyes, and felt like she was about to wet herself.  After a long period of tickling, Haley stopped and got off of Selena.  "Bye hun, i'd love to do this again sometime." Haley winked and left the hotel room leaving Selena tied to the bed...
I hope you enjoyed it. I thought this story needed a re-write.
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GusSmee Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
After years of showing her belly, Selena finally got what she deservd! :D

Now do one with Victoria Justice and Bella Thorne! :D
Schnickelo Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Hmm... this gives me an idea...
GusSmee Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Say what?
Schnickelo Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
You'll see. ;)
GusSmee Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
joshlott84 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
That was awesome! How about one were Selena gets her bellybutton blown on the entire story?
ticklingfether Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
 make some more and make her laguh like crazyHahahahaha. No.
Carolinatickler Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
That was awesome
BlondeChick0 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!
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